In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and to protect our candidates’ and interviewers’ health and wellbeing, we will be conducting all interviews virtually.


About the role

We are searching for a Deep Learning engineer with experience working on production level image recognition models, who is passionate about developing and applying Deep Learning algorithms to solve a wide range of real world problems, from detecting anomalies in shiny glass bottles to identifying nodules in thyroid ultrasound images and predicting possible landslides from topographical maps - just to name a few.

At Incubit, we undertake the challenge of solving problems that haven’t been solved alongside the leading companies of Japan. Japanese companies have a long tradition of working with external technical experts to solve their core business issues by applying the latest technology. They count on us as an expert in problem solving, especially in the area of image recognition using Deep Learning technology. We have worked with companies in the fields of medicine, bio tech, space, geology and manufacturing, with achievements that always exceed our clients’ expectations.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Loves the challenge of confronting a problem and delivering a real solution to it
  • Is innately curious, and has a passion for learning new things
  • Enjoys a certain degree of volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Finds joy in one’s own advancement by immersing oneself in one’s specialty, and seeing one’s contribution reflected in the coworkers’ and project’s success
  • Is not afraid to think outside the box and come up with bold and innovative hypothesis based on the inspiration, and is able to logically explain the reasoning behind
  • Is comfortable building a quick proof of concept from scratch, as well as writing code in an existing large-scale sustainable system

If this describes you, come join our team at Incubit in the heart of Tokyo. We are a diligent and pleasant multi-cultural team of engineers and professionals spread between Japan and Taiwan that provides plenty of opportunities to learn and grow together. We are still a small startup - and growing healthily with no Venture Capital involvement - as we appraise freedom and independence more important than anything else, which allows you to have a tangible impact on us, whether it is about a project we take or the role you play in the company.

Why is this role important for Incubit’s work?

As a Deep Learning Engineer at Incubit, you will be responsible for successfully delivering solutions to client projects, where several of them are often running in parallel, together with a team of engineers and Project Managers. You have a significant amount of freedom and responsibility. You will drive the project from the technical side to deliver the best solution on time with genuine input from your colleagues. You will have a direct impact in making the project successful.

Once Here You Will

  • Assist Project Managers when crafting a project blueprint by providing technical insights
  • Design a technical solution together with co-engineers that best solves the client’s goal taking into consideration established methodologies as well as the latest research in the field of Machine Learning
  • Design/develop algorithms and train models, especially based on Deep Learning approaches to address problems such as object detection, classification, and segmentation
  • Evaluate the models using appropriate metrics and collaborate with PMs to put together client-facing materials to report the results and possible measures for future improvement based on your analysis
  • Develop algorithms for Deep Learning data preprocessing and postprocessing
  • Perform deep network optimization so that it can be deployed to various platforms
  • Finalize deliverables for the client and, if required, deploy the model to the production environment
  • Visit clients’ sites when direct involvement of engineers will improve the overall efficiency and quality of the project
  • Keep up with the latest technologies and literature in the field and propose innovative ideas
  • Take an active role in external communication by publishing research papers, writing blog posts, etc

What does Incubit offer you?

At Incubit, you can solve diverse and complex challenges for our clients, alongside thoughtful, intelligent individuals who lead with passion, curiosity, and empathy. We work hard but also respect the need for work-life balance, and allow for autonomy in the entire project process and your career.

You can work flexible hours and you also can work from home, as long as you are delivering on your goals and getting in enough time with your team.

We welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace regardless of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

We also welcome foreign nationals who live outside of Japan. We understand it is a big challenge to move to Japan, thus we provide full assistance for relocation, not just for you but also for your family, which includes any kind of support you would need to get settled:

  • Assistance in the visa acquisition process
  • The cost of:
    • Visa
    • Air ticket
    • Temporary accommodation
    • Lease contract
  • Full support for:
    • Housing search
    • Contracting lifelines
    • Opening a bank account and making a credit card
  • Pickup service at the airport upon your first arrival in Japan
  • Or any other help you might need


Note: We support working remotely from your current location until the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation settles down and relocation becomes possible.



JPY 8,000,000 - 12,000,000

Relevant Experience And Mindset

  • MS in Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence/Data Science , or similar technical degree, or 3+ years of concrete work/research experience involving machine learning with a particular focus on image recognition
  • MS in Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence/Data Science , or similar technical degree, or 3+ years of concrete work/research experience involving machine learning with a particular focus on image recognition
  • Strong knowledge of Python and using open source tools such as Tensorflow and Pytorch
  • Experience with a number of ML techniques and frameworks, e.g. data discretization, normalization, sampling, linear regression, decision trees, SVMs, deep neural networks, etc
  • Business or higher communication level in English
  • Ability to think and explain ideas and designs logically

It Would Be a Bonus If You Have

  • PhD degree in Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence/Data Science or a related technical field
  • Experience developing and maintaining large scale deployment of deep learning models in a real production environment
  • Proven experience developing deep learning models for real-world settings
  • Experience embedding AI into web or mobile applications
  • Experience planning or proposing new projects or services
  • Experience working in a startup

Our Projects To Check Out

Question For You

Please include your answer to the following prompt in your cover letter:

Please tell us about a research project/paper in the Deep Learning technology area that caught your attention the most this year and the reason why (200 words or less with reference to the project/research).

Application Instructions

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter including your answer to the quiz question.

Our selection process

  • Interview with our HR: You will be asked some basic questions about your background, motivation, and personality. You can also ask questions about us - so that we can make sure your and our expectations are in alignment.
  • Assessment: You will be asked to tackle a kaggle-like Machine Learning challenge. We'd like you to come up with your own thoughts/ideas on how to solve the problem and justify and explain the reasoning behind it.
    • We're looking for:
      • Your analysis and analytical ability to understand a problem provided, its core concepts, and potential pitfalls.
      • Understanding of the provided data and results.
      • Quality and creativity of the solution.
      • Your thought process and ability to convey it to us in words, tables, plots and/or visualizations.
      • Readability and usability of the code.
    • Expected deliverables are:
      • A code, preferably in github form
      • A report describing your problem analysis, approach, results. Reporting model performance is mandatory
  • Interview and assessment discussion with engineers: You will have an opportunity to present the output of the challenge to our engineers, covering what is original output, what is derivative work, and the justification for the choice.
  • Interview with all members at Incubit: It is crucial for you to know whom you will be working with once you join the company. You will meet everyone who works at Incubit, from CEO to PMs and our back office team. It will be a great opportunity for you to ask questions about our culture, team, or anything that you may want to know before you join the company.